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The Doctor Home Loan

A Unique mortgage for doctors that allows you to buy a home straight from medical school or while in residency. A great choice only available to doctors.

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A Unique Mortgage for Doctors

A home loan for physicians, dentists and veterinarians with the benefits they want
  • 100% Financing

    No Money Down. Zero! We know you are finishing school and probably have not saved enough for a large down payment

  • No PMI

    No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) Means Lower Monthly Payments Allowing You To Qualify For More Home.

  • 50% DTI

    50% DTI (Debt to Income) Allows You to Qualify for More Home. The Doctor Home Loan allows higher debt-to-income ratios and does not student loans in those ratios.

  • Close Early

    Close on your home up to 90 days before beginning residency. TheDoctor Home Loan makes it easy for you to move into your new home right after graduation. No need for a pay stub.

  • Great Rates

    No other mortgage loan has all of these benefits and still provides great rates.

The Doctor Home Loan (also known as The Physician Loan) is a special loan program that was created because of the many financial challenges a new physician faces when trying to buy a home. Fortunately, The Physician Home Loan provided an alternative to the traditional conventional or FHA loan.

The Doctor Home Loan offers the same great benefits and special underwriting as The Physician Loan program but has now been made available to all Medical Doctors including Physicians, dentists, Veterinarians, and those who are soon-to-be.

It is an especially GREAT choice for Graduating Medical Students and Residents.

Only A True Doctor Loan Can Provide All of these Benefits 

DRS Home Loans provides  a mortgage for physicians, dentists, and veterinarians with these unique benefits that make it a great alternative to the traditional conventional or FHA loan.  Through special underwriting, we can offer a mortgage for doctors that does not count your full student loans against you, allows for higher debt-to-income ratios, requires zero down payment with no PMI, and allows you to qualify based on your new income months before you even begin your new job, and much more.
So exactly how does The Doctor Loan differ from Conventional loans? Compare loans.

How can we offer a loan with such good terms?

One word: statistics. It is statistically proven that doctors who have excellent credit are unlikely to default on a mortgage. While offering a loan with little to no money down, no PMI, higher debt ratios and low rates may seem to most lenders as a bad investment, we know differently. In fact, we have a nearly 20-year track record offering this loan and a near zero default rate. As a result, we only offer this loan to doctors, not to the general public.

The TRUE Doctor Home Loan is simply the best way to obtain home financing for physicians, dentists, and veterinarians.


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A Great Mortgage at Every Stage in Your Career

The Doctor Home Loan is a great loan for doctors regardless of whether they are just out of medical school, in residency, or for doctors who have been in practice for many years.

A graduating medical student

For Graduating Medical Students

If you plan to buy a home upon graduating from Medical School, this is THE loan for you. There are many companies that market to medical students, but the truth is that they cannot offer the benefits offered by the TRUE DRS Home Loans' Doctor Loan. The benefits most important to you.

For example. a question that impacts most graduating medical students and residents is how are student loans taken into consideration if they are in deferment, forbearance or in a special payment plan such as IBR or PAYE. The reason this is a question/issue is because how a traditional mortgage looks at student loans and how a DRS Home Loans looks at them are very different. READ MORE.

For Residents

Are you a 1st year resident? Are you in the final year of your 5 year residency? No matter where you are in your residency, The Doctor Home Loan is the best mortgage for residents. It offers the most stability and the most flexibility which is important during a period in your life when the only constant is change.

Residents have different circumstances from many traditional consumers, which can present hurdles for a typical mortgage loan officer. Specific circumstances include medical school debt, time constraints, and other unique financial situations. Our special underwriting is set up to meet your unique situation and make it easier to qualify.

For Practicing Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians

You may be aware that The Doctor Home Loan is the ideal loan for residents, but did you know it is an excellent mortgage for practicing doctors as well?

Although your income may be higher now, you may not yet have the savings to put a large down payment on the home of your dreams. If you do have the savings, you may not want to tie up that asset in your home. For practicing doctors, this mortgage offers Zero Down and No PMI on residential loan programs, and we do not charge the traditional higher Jumbo loan pricing for loans above $417,000. This gives you a GREAT rate on LARGER LOAN AMOUNTS compared to other loans on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don’t see what’s on your mind, reach out to us anytime by phone or email.

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About The Doctor Home Loan

Who can apply for The Doctor Home Loan?

This special loan is offered to graduating medical/dental students, residents and practicing doctors (MDs, DOs, Dentists and Veterinarians). You either need to be a U.S. citizen, have an H1B VISA, or be a permanent resident alien.

My bank says they offer a doctor loan. Is it the same?

It depends. Due the Doctor Loans’ unique underwriting and the fact that the loan must be held in the portfolio by the lender until it is paid off, just a handful of institutions in the U.S. can offer a true Doctor Loan. Many companies market and promote loans for doctors, but these are typically re-branded FHA loans or modified Fannie Mae loans and not true Doctor Loans. Unsuspecting doctors can run into issues and challenges later in the process, jeopardizing the approval, with a loan that is not the correct fit.

Is the Doctor Loan a Conforming, Government or Conventional Loan?

The Doctor Loan is known as a Portfolio loan and would fall under Conventional financing. However, no secondary market exists for a Doctor Loan (meaning the lender cannot sell the loan to another bank right after closing, as is often done with conforming loans). The Doctor Loan is not considered a Conforming Loan (Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) or a government loan (FHA or VA).

What Loan Meets Your Needs? Doctor
Conforming FHA VA
Zero Down 5% 3.5%
Low Rates
Parents not required as Co-Borrowers
High Debt Ratios
Match Letter Only Employment Proof Needed
Close Up To 90 Days Prior to Orientation

About Pre-Qualification

What does it cost to get Pre-Qualified?

Nothing. It’s free to Pre-Qualify with DRS Home Loans. In fact, you should never pay a penny to any company to get Pre-Qualified. Red flags should be immediately raised if a Loan Officer or mortgage company asks you for up-front money. Your best move? Run, don’t just walk away. Once Pre-Qualified, you should never feel pressured or under any obligation to continue a transaction with a Loan Officer once Pre-Qualified. You can walk away at any time, for any reason.

What is the difference between getting Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved?

It’s only semantics at DRS Home Loans. Both terms are used in the industry, but it depends if you refer to a loan that is manually underwritten (by a live person) or one that is run through automated underwriting (by a computer). A true Pre-Approval means your file has been run through underwriting, live or automated. Most loans in the U.S. are run through a computer-automated underwriting process that offers Pre-Approvals. However, those systems are not designed for a portfolio Doctor Loan. Our loans are all manually underwritten, but to save you time, we don’t require the submittal of all paperwork upfront that can delay underwriting. Our Loan Officer and Processors are trained to review your file, just as an underwriter would. After all, we created these guidelines and while “outside the box” from traditional lending, you either fit in our box, or you don’t.

How does Pre-Qualification work with DRS Home Loans?

After checking your credit for credit score qualification, we issue a Pre-Qualification because we strive for accuracy in the terminology we use. At DRS Home Loans, a Pre-Qualification is as strong as a Pre-Approval at other companies. If your Real Estate agent has questions about the kind of documentation we provide, the agent can speak directly with your loan officer to ensure the letter satisfies the needs of all involved parties. Pre-Qualification at DRS Home Loans means that your credit has been pulled, your loan officer has assessed your scenario, but an underwriter has not yet reviewed all supporting documentation in your file. Having a Pre-Qualification in hand is what allows you to look at home and make offers as a qualified buyer.

What is the minimum credit score for a Doctor Loan?

Three Credit Repositories hold your credit rating in the U.S. — Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Your middle credit score of the three will be used to determine your qualification for a loan. Most of our loans for doctors require a middle credit score of 700. However, we do have a loan available for a 680 middle score. Note that some of the larger loans will require a middle credit score of 720.

About Credit Scores

What if my credit scores aren’t high enough?

Some reports have errors, so we look at your credit report to determine the cause of a low score and if it can be repaired. A great reason to get Pre-Qualified earlier rather than later. One of our loan officers will offer you steps to take in repairing the credit yourself, or will suggest how we can help. Since we have direct credit bureau access, we can often help to repair true errors. While we don’t make money on this service, we must pass along any direct charges from the credit bureaus. DO NOT hire a credit repair company; most take your money but don’t provide the promised service.

Do you make exceptions if credit is a bit low?

Once your credit is at a qualifying level, you may proceed. However, no exceptions can be made if the score is just shy of the threshold. The reason this loan works so well and why we offer such a great program is because we limit it to doctors with good credit scores. So, repairing your credit first is mandatory. Just to be safe, we ask medical students and doctors to pull their credit 6 to 12 months prior to when they plan to buy a home. That provides plenty of time for repair of any credit errors..

About The Loan Process

When applying for a Doctor Loan, with whom will I work?

Two employees of DRS Home Loans will be assigned to you: the Loan Officer and the Processor. Each of our loan officers hold licenses for multiple states. He or she is your primary day-to-day contact from time of application through the day of closing. The Processor will be the one who handles much of the paperwork and will be working behind the scenes. You may be in regular communication with the processor, as well as your Loan Officer.

Still Have Questions. We have answers.

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